5 Easy Advertising Strategies to Get Traffic For Your Business

Regardless of whether your business is based in a bricks and mortar store front, a home service or on the internet only, your business relies on traffic to sell your product, and that requires advertising. Here are five advertising strategies, either free or nominal cost, that apply to any business.

Write a short article about you and your business, and submit it to both paper and online newspapers or newsletters catering to the area or type of people you serve. For example, lawn and garden newsletter subscribers would likely be interested in a garden tractor business. Be sure to tell who you are, how you happened to get into this business, and why you love it. Show some passion for your work! Give examples of how you help your customers solve a problem. Include a gentle call to action along with the street address, phone, email and/or web address they can use to do business with you.

The second idea requires a more natural form of communication – giving advice. Join and contribute to a members’ forum or advice column in related publications or on the internet. Just write what you would say if they called you up and asked you the question. Be sure to include your contact information whenever permitted. For example, contribute wood finishing tips in a woodworkers’ magazine. People will come to see you as an expert in your field, someone they trust to do business with. Be sure your answers include words that would be used by people searching for your product in a phone book or search engine.

Strategy number three: run classified ads in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet. The ads should mention your product as a solution to a problem. This is particularly effective in publications where you have contributed to a forum or advice column.

A fourth method is the “pieces of paper” method. Print up simple business cards, fliers, and/or signs with your business name, descriptive tagline, and contact info. Hand cards to people you meet who might use your product. Leave one in the restroom, or on the restaurant table or other places your customers are likely to be. Put fliers on cars at the mall, or post a sign in your front yard, local bulletin board, or busy corner. You need only leave a few per day to begin seeing results. Be sure to get permission as needed.

Team Up! is the fifth method. Look for other businesses that complement your business, and trade endorsements and ads. If you sell cookware, team up with a specialty foods business, a painter with a paint supply store, a writer with a website developer and so forth. It’ll do you both good!

Top 5 Internet Advertising Strategies for Small Business

This one you have got to remember when it comes to Toronto Internet advertising. Not all advertising ideas will work for your business. In the same manner, not all tried and tested advertising ideas are good for your business. In fact, there are free Toronto Internet advertising methods that are equally as effective as the paid ones and you don’t have to break an arm and a leg just to harness the full potential of your Internet marketing program.

Internet advertising is a critical element in the overall marketing program of small businesses operating in Toronto, Canada. Those engaged in real estate, IT, health services and retail must concentrate their efforts in building innovative online properties that can help them achieve strong position in highly competitive markets.

Here are the top 5 free Toronto Internet advertising strategies that you can use to grow your business.

Submit articles to ezines

The effectiveness and popularity of article marketing is indisputable. If you do have the talent and time, article writing and submission can be a most potent tool for advertising your company and the products or services that you are offering. Just make sure that you include a link to your Website.

Offer freebies of value to target clients and business prospects

For those engaged in brick-and-mortar type of business, this would simply be premium items such as key chains, mugs or t-shirts. What would be the appropriate premium items that you can offer online for free? Well, you actually have a diverse collection of possible free premiums that you can offer to your target clients and business prospects. Your options may include eBook, mouse pointers, screensavers or just about anything that is of value to them.

Launch an email marketing for your business

This has got to be the quickest and the most economical way of getting to your potential clients and business prospects. This is a form of free advertising that is similar to mailer campaign done through “snail mail.” Once you have a rich databank of your target client, email marketing campaign should be seriously considered.

Send out press releases online

Online press release is equivalent to traditional press release or news article that is printed in magazines and newspapers. One of the main advantages of online press release is that it has a wider coverage. The only thing that needs to be done is to write something about your business that is considered newsworthy and have them released through wire services online.

Engage in blog marketing

This one should be your top option when considering free Toronto Internet advertising options for your business. The immense popularity of blogs makes it a logical medium for advertising the products or services of your company. You can write an anecdote about an interesting personal experience or share your views or professional insights on subjects and issues that are interesting or important to your target clients. It is also an effective platform where you can present interesting and valuable information about your company and the products or services that you are offering.

Internet marketing is serious business and it is better left in the hands of the professional. For the more serious stuff and surefire Toronto Internet advertising, explore positive and result-oriented working arrangements with the right SEO Company.

Advertising Strategies for Selling Your Website

If you are in the flipping business, the part where you buy websites is only the beginning and the first of the three main sectors involved in the process. After you have bought the website, you need to improve its value and worth to make it more attractive to customers. Once you believe you have brought the website up to a standard you are happy with, it is time to sell your website. This is the third step in the process and is just as important as the other two if you want to turn in a profit.

You must have an advertising strategy

The best way to be successful when you attempt to sell your website is to have a strong advertising strategy. If you intend to only place it on advertising lists for website sales, you are likely to meet buyers who want something for nothing. After all, this is where you most likely bought the website you are now flipping so it makes to do more to prove its worth.

Statistics are always important in showing the value of a website and attempting to get good value when you sell your website. Showing the traffic rate and profitability when you bought the site and then the difference after you flipped it will go some way to proving its potential. Using analytical tools to show these figures can go a long way when looking to sell your website.

A website to promote your websites can make sense

As you know what it takes to build a website, many people decide to set up their own blogs or websites when attempting to sell your website. This gives them a chance to show the real benefits of the site and gives a greater opportunity to show the quality of the site in depth. If you are buying websites and then selling them in large numbers, this tactic can work extremely well.